Friday, 9 March 2012

Extra Goofy

Eye Popping Colors. Bright contrasting hues. Winsy prints. Stop me before I fill this post up with those very summer worthy adjectives.

Don’t you just love how this season could give us unexceptional possibilities to dress up? From splices of patterns to solid color blocking to yummy pastels, I could zaberously go on and on and on…and on to name it all up!!!

|Forever 21 Top, Q&A Skirt, Casio Vintage Watch, Privilege Ankle Strap Shoes, Thirfted Accessories, Accessorize Bracelet|

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and as much as I am close to despise how sultry (note 34°C here) it is in Manila lately, I couldn’t help but dress more often. I don’t know if it has really something to do with my more feminine sense of clothing, but I noticed that I have more clothes for hot days than for cold ones. It’s a closet domination.

Got me? If you did, well maybe you’re just like me who let summer clothes take over her closet, don’t worry coz that’s a good thing, I guess! (hihi) Is it? So we gotta do what we gotta do, let’s take those clothes out and wear ‘em! :)

 - on to my outfit now. I wore this to one of my friend’s (read closest girlfriend) birthday party at Distillery last weekend and I’d love to share this photo to all of you, just because I’m “extra goofy” here (I always look serious in my outfit shots, that’s me trying to do fierce shots or..not haha) but realistically, I am more likely the person in this photo :

Those are spreads of moisten chocolate cake on our front teeth! hihihihi! ;)

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Happy Weekend!



  1. i love your blue skirt and mustard bag! :)found your blog in chictopia. :) added you to my blog roll. :)hope we can exchange links.

    1. Hi Dred! Sure,my blogroll will be happy to have you! See you around Dred! <3