Friday, 3 March 2017

I'm thinking if I should restore this blog. Five years have passed since I last posted something here and I wonder if anyone would still care to read my posts. 

Comment if you do. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Buns and Fringes

| Promod Fringe Bag, Forever 21 White  Sheer Top, Connector Ring and Gold Strappy Sandals, Topshop Black Shorts, Thrifted Printed Blazer, Goody Elastic Bands |

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Once upon a Wednesday morning...

     the sun is up and bright in Sengkang (as always) and I can't help but put my shades on (Haha). I don a messy bun to keep my hair up and neat, grabbed a couple of sandals, paired it with a light fringe clutch (which can only accommodate my EZ link card, a lipstick, a pack of blotting paper, two phones, some cash and nothing else) and voila! As simple as that my summer wardrobe is re-lived! 

What do you think about this look? 


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Eye of the Tiger

| What A Girl Wants Leather Shorts, Jacono Leather Backpack, Thrifted Tiger Top, SM Parisians Studded Loafers, Forever 21 Clear Glasses and Rings, DIY Studded Glasses Case |

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New month. New changes. New possibilities. 

Yes! I and my blog are still alive and are definitely back from a month of not but one post. Apologetic and shameful? I sure am.  Let me share with you what happened beyond my backlogs and non existence, all blame points to the month of August. The craziest, busiest, the most random and outrageous month of my life! 

Four weeks ago, I started preparing for something big and new, something I once thought I would eventually end up doing and that is...migrating abroad. Don't get me wrong but, I love the Philippines, I really do. I love everything about it! It's just that I have things to consider. My fashion career, to be specific.  So here I am, blogging and smiling all the way from Singapore. 

Big leap of guts, it is. I have gone into a hundred times more of thinking whether to venture into this new chapter or just stay and be still in my comfort zone, I will definitely miss everyone back home, but yeah...sometimes we need to just go out there, be brave like a Tiger, take risks and embrace all the possibilities, after all, that's what life is about isn't it? 


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Human Nature

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|Androgyny Top and Skirt, Chic Habit necklace, Robinsons Department Store Accessories Ring, Forerver 21 gold bangleand wristlets, Seiko vintage watch, NAVA belt, Staccato Heels |

So this. This is what happened when one day-out-of-no-where you decided to be an all out vegetarian. I may not be a full pledge vegan (although I’m trying to be one nowadays although I'll soon fail, that I know haha!) but I tried to incorporate the custom in what I’m wearing, mine was more of a vegetarian inspired fashion thing (wait, does that even exist?).

Nature can be found in our wardrobe too you know. At least that’s what I thought when I grabbed this whole outfit from my closet. It’s a first for me (truths be told) to combine these colors together and trust me when I say, I outrageously felt like I’m taking a spin out of the color wheel. I mean, green and yellow can be very mother of earth, yeah, and vegetable-ish isn’t it? and oh, not to mention guacamole-ish too (haha)! I would have gone to a point when I felt like a walking celery but come on ladies let’s face it, it’s always fun to try something new and bright and yes, fresh. Vegetable slash fruity kind of fresh.  Wouldn’t you want to be a walking environmentalist ad through your outfit? (did it ring a bell? haha) Also, I’m quite sure you guys have seen Blumarine, Versace and Vera Wang’s Spring/Summer Collections right? Aren’t they all have one commonism? They sure did. All of them are reminiscent of not one thing...but Nature.

Deep green and Lemmon yellow are versatile and can be easily incorporated into your outfit separately. You can always like wear something yellow or green to break an outfit monotony and you can try to storm the street with them together like what I did here. The thing is you need to boost extra care in choosing the shades that you will use like for instance you can wear a bright yellow top and a moss green skirt but you can’t (in my perspective) combine a bright green top with a bright yellow trousers otherwise you’ll be someone’s pain in the eye (just saying). It’s also about choosing which textures go two-gether. If you’ll wear two striking colors that have different textures or fabric, make sure they’d still go well. What I did here was, I tried to match a velvet top with a cotton skirt that way, even if the colors are in contrast with each other the fabric isn’t. One more thing, choose the right set of accessories. Metallic ones will raise the factor and are best for earthly colors like green and lemon yellow. You can choose from plates of gold or silver. (Take note: anything that doubles the wattage is a sure show stopper so go for the gold! or the silver! Haha)

To wrap it all up, I just wanna say, it’s time that we take an action and take care of the environment in any way we can (join the green movement or any movement there is). It doesn’t have to be in a really big way such simple steps like bringing your own recyclable bag when shopping will take it up a notch. It will also be fun to show how much you love the nature in your outfit too, give a try! Yes? ;)


Monday, 2 July 2012

Spider Sense

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|Zara TRF UK Flag Top, Zara TRF Acid Wash Denim Shorts, Balenciaga Biker Bag, Suede Boots, Vintage Seiko Gold Watch, DIY Leopard and Studded Wrist Strap|

Your guy just asked you out for a date, but this time to the movies. What clothes will you wear? Should it be 

A.overly sexy
B.just a little sexy
C.conservative and not sexy at all

I say D. screw those three and dress in tandem according to the movie (sounds funny right? Haha) well, that’s just what I did when Miguel (my boyfriend, whom I wanna thank right now for being so patient with me while taking these photos. Thanks love!) asked me to watch a movie premiere last weekend, and guess what the movie is? You can easily tell by looking at the color of my shirt. 

Hint: Something red and blue and black and hot and cool and awesome and AMAAAZIIING. Yes, its Andrew Garfield, Yes it’s Spiderman!!!

Isn’t this Marvel movie one of the coolest? (now I’m not talking about fashion. Which is new) I mean aside from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sex and The City, The Notebook, you ladies and gays have probably been a fan of these kind’f movies too. Right (don’t lie)? Because I am. I’m a big crazy fan. I love them so much that I always wear something that will remind me of these characters every time I watch them on the big screen. Like what I wore here. It’s just a very casual shirt that reminds me of Spidy simply because of its color (which also reminds me of  the movie London Boulevard because of its print). I paired it with boots and denim shorts to appear exude some cool, added on some statement accessories and voila…peg achieved (Haha). 


What can you say? Have you watched the movie too? Did you like Spiderman’s new suit? I heard they had to change it in this movie because the old design one looked so old (I agree).



Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Knock on Wood

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| Korean Brand Shoes,Top, Shorts and Shades. Aldo Fringe Earrings. DP Snakeskin Clutch. Robinson's Department Store Belt. Mom's Watch |

Shoe trends are here and there and everywhere. It changes as quick as the clothes do. Well, you know what they say, A woman can not have enough shoes and true enough, I beg to agree. I don’t know with you ladies but I never grow tired of a good pair of shoes. I have a problem with disposing old pairs, to be completely honest. I recently just reorganized my closet (after what? A year. Haha) and upon fixing it, I found this pair of wooden wedge and realized how the shoe designs have evolved in such a crazy-yet-modern way. 

I guess, it’s safe to say that we are now in a new shoe era (can I hear an amen for that?). Influenced by the green movement or perhaps the minimalist impulse, high-end brands like Prada, Giuseppe Zanotti, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin and Filipino brands like Kermit Tesoro and Gold Dot are incorporating natural fibers, textures and shades for a look that’s refreshingly rustic and very experimental. Using materials like cork, cut out wood (like the one I’m wearing), glasses, spikes and other hardware stuff, shoe designs, now a days appeal to the city girl’s sense of cutting edge style. 

In line with these shoe evolution, we should never take comfort for granted. Choosing trend without considering the comfort factor is like putting your money straight to the trash bin from your purse. Some, not all, shoes designers also contribute to the same mistake because they only pay attention to the designs and neglect the comfort aspect. So (take note ladies) it’s important that we don’t just consider what’s in and put aside comfort, It’s a must that we choose what’s easy to walk in, comfortable and stylish at the same time. 


If you’re in hunt for those perfect pairs that are in and on the hottest trend right now, I say you visit the I’m Shoe in Love Bazaar at NBC Tent starting tomorrow until Sunday (check out the banner at the left side bar for more infos) and oh, to all who joined my giveaway in line with this event. Thank you and check your twitter DM guys, I just might popped in and say you won a free ticket! And one last thing, what can you say about this look? Share away!