Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Food Chronicles

Are you someone who appreciate food in a higher perspective? Well, I have a great news for you fellow food lover! 

Skyisthelimit production presents Food Chronicles, a series of food challenges that caters to the food junkies and the people behind the food. If you're thinking that this is just a typical food bazaar, you better think twice and read more.
There will be cooking competition wherein students from different culinary schools will compete to have the grand title of the Kitchen Rumble Champion. The challenge is to find a new way of cooking of home cooked dishes and discovering a fresh new palette for the Filipino Taste. The next competition would be an eating challenge. The eating competition is open for everyone, It will last for only forty minutes leaving the contestants a challenge to finish variety of food that Mercato is well known for.

On to the most important part, this event will benefit Make a Wish Foundation which seeks to help poor children with medical condition. 

How does that sound for you? You'll get to eat, watch a cooking competition, join an eating contest and become an advocate for children by just attending this event! You should not in any way, miss this!

See You Tomorrow!
When: March 28, 2012, from 9pm onwards 
Where: Mercato Westgate Branch.

For more information, like Food Chronicles 2012 on Facebook HERE


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  1. Haha. Thank you! It was nice to see you, too :) I just wish I had had time to lose weight before the show :p

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