Monday, 21 May 2012


||Swimsuit used as top, GAP Pajama Trousers, Privilege shoes, DIY Crystal Ball Necklace, Assorted Rings, Goody Non Elastic Band, WAGW Envelope Clutch||

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  Dramatically playful, detail oriented, wholesome with slight sexiness, colorful and sweet. The Fifties was fundamentally a time of conformity, you won't find anything wild or risqué on these pages. Think of it as good, clean, wholesome stuff. Instead of lingerie think night shirts, instead of mini skirts, think at the knee length skirts, instead of shorts think trousers and you'll get the idea.

That's my take on the fifties fashion (or atleast, that's how I understand it) Correct me if I'm wrong but when I think about the 50's it reminds me so much of the movie Pleasantville. Well, yeah, I know, that movie was so gone-and-done years ago. It was released way back 1998 ( when I was hmm...ten years old and just about to hit puberty! Haha). I remember myself not only putting an eye on the scenes but drooling (emphasis on the word) over what every character is wearing (specially Reese's or Jennifer's). Beautiful dresses, skirts in bloom, array of trousers. Name it, this movie has it. 

and as for my fifties inspired look. This. I took inspiration from the movie and of-to-course with twists and turns, I made it more me. Showed a little sun kissed skin, styled my hair a bit with a fish tail braid for an added effect and focused more on the whole idea of the conservative 50's era. I also wore my DIY crystal ball necklace for the first time, which I think will be a big hit this season too (fashion forecast right there) and oh I just have to mention this, that trousers on me is actually a pajama from GAP and that top is actually a swimsuit (no, i'm not kidding) See! all the possibilities in dressing up are just right there, it's about for us to find out and make way to use it.

So...Have I given the movie justice or not? What can you say about this look?




  1. Sis! You are so so so pretty in this look! Love the pants. ♥ When are you launching your online shop? I'm very excited na! :D

    1. OMG sis! You're here! I miss you!!!! Soon, you'll be the first to know! <3

  2. Nice pics and gr8 blog can we follow each other.?

    1. Hi! Ofcourse we can! Thanks for dropping by, I'd love to follow you! xo

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    1. Thanks Ms. Kookie! See you tomorrow at BU3! xo