Thursday, 19 January 2012

Trending : The Modern Lolita

If there’s one trend that I will always go back to, for many reasons… It’s “Lolita” I find this trend timeless and very Asian. It gives the exact definition of how we can be both cute and sophisticated at the same time.

Lolita is a nickname for Delores. It is also a term used to describe a prepubescent or adolescent girl who is attractive and sexually responsive. She lusts after older men, and is lusted by them in return. The term originates from the Vladimir Nabakov novel ”Lolita”In a more broader sense, in the world of style. Lolita, is a fashion from Japan that tries to capture the innocence of youth, and nostalgia for the 19th century. Knee length puffy skirts, lacy blouses, platform mary janes and head dresses are standard attire. This fashion was popularized by Mana from the band Malice Mizer.

To share my interest about it, I made four set looks that describes the Lolita Fashion. I put a little kick on it and made it a little modern. ;)

First Look : Lolita’s Dark Side

This falls under the category of “Gothic Lolita”, I made some alterations and put a little oomph into it by adding a new color aside from the usual black.

Second Look: Paris meets Lolita

This is for the “Sweet Lolita” category. Focusing on the child and fantasy aspects of Lolita, the Sweet Lolita style adopts the combination of pastels. I decided to add a touch of neon and black, yet I made it sure that it still appear sweet and cute.

Third Look: Lolita and the City

This look describes “The Classic Lolita”. Colors and patterns used in classic Lolita is more mature and can be seen as somewhere between the Gothic and sweet styles,its not as dark as Gothic Lolita, but not as cutesy as sweet Lolita.

Fourth Look: Lolita Joined The Bandwagon

From the look itself you’ll know that this set describes “The Punk Lolita” I put more black, gone metal, studs and everything skull. which are I think the basics to achieve the angst.

Fifth Look: Toned Down Lolita

This style is more casual as it is called “The Casual Lolita”. Still modest and elegant but its a little careless on the dressing part. The lace boots that I decided to match with the whole outfit added the spice.

So there, I hope that gives you guys a little knowledge about the trend. Which look is your favorite? I actually used my Polyvore account to make them. I’m a huge fan of that site, I consider it my second or third life aside from my blog sites.


Share your Lolita look with me. I would love to put them in line with this post. You know the drill E-mail! Thanks Loves!


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