Monday, 27 February 2012

Dressing The Part

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What have you wanted to be when you were just that innocent cute little girl? You would probably say a Doctor, an Engineer, a Chef, a Writer...I could go on and on with all those highly respected profession.

A Pre-school Teacher. Which what I am dressing as in this post.

That's what I have dreamed of becoming to be when I was young. I for one have envisioned myself, spending days singing nursery rhymes with naughty yet cute kids. and if I have one strong weakness, those are smart and adorable kids! Their smiles and laughs are just so precious I cant' help but follow what they want! Also, the main reason why I spoil my little cousins.

Why am I sharing this?

Only because I'd like to dedicate this post to the seniors ( I am! Actually, seven years ago!? haha!) If you're one, I want you to know that choosing your college major is really important, it's going to be tough and confusing but it's vital that you consider not only what your parents want but what you have always wanted...What YOU dreamed of and whatever it is that you'll become four or five years from now... with all those swings and strides,One thing I know for sure..You can dress the part well! :)


I took these photos on a late afternoon, less light,more contrast.Thanks for my tripod for making it possible.I like that they turned out to be vintage-y. What do you think? ;)

Much Love,


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