Friday, 17 February 2012

Trending : Spring Metallics

Are you someone like me who always get attracted to shiny things? Well, this week’s trend post is for you, Say Bonjour! to all things sparkly and eye-popping let’s speak Metallica! Metallics is a trend that dominates the recent New York and Paris Fashion Week. You can see it every where from Marc Jacobs to Pabral Gurung and other fashion gods and godesses. It’s a time less trend, and in my percepts, it will stay in my wardrobe forevah, I bet in yours too?

Here are some pieces I put together with the use of polyvore, and in addition, some tips on how you can work with it, Enjoy! ;)

First Look : Color Block With Metallics 

I put together colorful pieces. Metallics are sparkly, so when combined with busy colors, the effect might be a little contradicting. The key is to choose a simple shiny piece, like a plain gold top and pair it with a colorful bottoms add accessories and pair it with a printed bag like a Polka Satchel and a bright shoes…Voila! Color Block achieved.

Second Look : Get That Evening Sparkle

This look is for those who party at night and wouldn’t want to be in a sexy/daring tight fitting party dress. The color combo is a bit dark so adding a bright color is a must. I included a bright fuschia Satchel. You may wonder why? Satchel for a party? YES. Why not? :)

Third Look : The Sweet Gold Digger

Don’t get me wrong with this looks’ title. I want to emphasize here the soft yet fem side of metallic trend. It’ cleqn, subtle and sophisti-cute. I think what gives this look the sparkly oomph are those pair of wedges.Do you see yourself wearing this?

Fourth Look: Walking like Sun Shine

This set of look give the total shine package. A metallic top, metallic pants, a sequined cardigan and plated flats. I like how they blend with each other, its casual  edgy and classy at the same time. For college girls out there, you should try putting together pieces like these.

Fifth Look : Yearn for the Sheen

This look got me yearning for all the sparkly shoes. If you’ll opt of wearing a simple dress or that little black dress in your closet, make sure you’ll pair it with an over the top shoes. Try wearing gold, silver or sequined for an instant polish.

Metallic Dresses

Metallic Bottoms

Metallic Shoes

Sequined Clutches (my favorite)


Which Look is your favorite?
If you love this trend as much as I do, you’re free to send me a photo of you wearing it and I will feature you in line with this post. Email me at 

I’ll leave you guys with a quote for now “Don’t let other people steal your shine from you, make sure you always carry your sparkly eyes and your brightest smile” :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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