Thursday, 5 April 2012


|Forever 21 Tribal Dress, Forever 21 Bandeau, Goody Spin Non Elastic Band on my wrist, Accessorize long necklace, Mom's Necklace, and Bazaar find bangles, Privelege ankle strap heels|

Woke up an hour late - the perfect five words to define this whole Saturday School Day outfit.

What to do, when you only have zero minutes to get ready for school? I figured five simple steps and thought I should share it with you ladies, mind you! These are based on nothing factual but my experience! (hahaha)

Step one, look for that one-lazy-yet-loud-dress you have in your closet and put it on as quickly as you can (a tribal dress is a score). Step Two, grab a blazer that match (It's also a must for me that day because the weather is well, bipolar as usual). Three, wear a nude pair of shoes (just because it goes well with everything, every...thing!). Four, spend fifteen second or so to choose your accessories and Five, don't change your bag from yesterday (the easiest step there is! Haha!).

and oh may I just add another important step here. Step six, ask your fab friends/classmates (Thanks Marj and Cham)  to take your outfit pictures just to make all the other steps count!

So there! Hope this quick enumeration helps, somehow! Leaving you now with this entry before I head out to Tagaytay to spend the long weekend with my family! :)

Happy Easter Everyone, don't forget the reason of this season!


This set of pictures were taken at my school which you all know very well! If you're looking for the best workshop this summer, I suggest you pay SoFA a visit, you'll be amazed how their programs would work for all your fashion needs, be it Physical and Emotional! This school has got it covered for you! 

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  1. really lovely printed dress!

  2. Hi sweet, just wanna say that I love your outfit :) I think the orange blazer is my favorite piece, and I am a little biased when I say I love your shoes! I have almost similar ones


    1. Thank you Chezka! I'm checking out your blog right now! ;) Keep your fab post coming! <3

  3. I have the same dress from F21! :)

    1. I'm sure you'll look lovely in it Lyra! The tribal print is uhhmazing! <3