Monday, 9 April 2012

Memory Lane

I took a trip down to this chill spot with my family last Saturday and there's no way I wouldn't share it with you guys because one ,it's too fascinating not to feature and two it's been a while since I last post an entry about any thing food related here. The last I remember was my post about Yabu which was to be exaggerated - decades ago! (haha)

and speaking of decades ago, It made me recall the past! That was my first impression when I entered Memory Lane, a diner, a salon, a shop,  and a massage parlor in one.Located at Tagaytay, it is owned and conceptualize by a known female artist - Jolina Magdangal. 

Great tasting food , delish desserts, artsy deco, friendly staff, chic boutique finds, cold relaxing weather..this place screams relaxation!!! The dominant vintage lover in me totally fell in love with its 6O's vibe! It has a hypontizing-like ambiance that made me wanna stay and just live there forever! On a more blogger-ish slash serious note,  being just there was all in all ahh-mazing!

Have you been there?  You should drop by sometime, soon and be amazed yourself if you haven't! (other photos were posted on Tumblr)

For more detailed information,check out Memory Lane's page here.




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