Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January's Product-ology!

For this month’s set of product review. I chose products which are also my essentials. Some of these, I use everyday. Check ‘em out! Hope they help too! :)

1. Dr. Oil Solution Anti- Shine Finish Pact (Etude House)

- This is what I usually use to retouch my make-up at night. It blends well in any skin color. I like that the compact itself is light and it doesn’t consume much space. It can certainly fit inside your party clutches.

*Insert* This compact comes with a mist too! Blogged about in the past productology view it here.

2. Precious BB Cream Mineral (Etude House)

- This has to be my most loved of all beauty products, figuratively that also means I can’t live without it. For those who’s in doubt of how BB Creams work, try Etude House’s and you won’t regret it! They have varieties you can choose from depending on the skin type and the skin tone you have.

3. The Magnum Volume Express Mascara (Maybelline)
4. Liquid Eyeliner (Prestige)

- Call me finicky but to be honest I’m one of those girls who are very choosy or should I say careful when it comes to eye products. It’s just that we all have to unless you want to take your beautiful eyes for granted. That’s why I only trust those brands which has proven it’s worth two of which are Maybelline and Prestige.  (okay, I sound a little commercial-ish there haha!)

5. Nail Polish ( Clareal : Korean Brand)

- If there’s one small part of my not-so-small body that I’m saberously taking for granted. Those are my nails. I love torturing them with mishmashes of nail color and the thing is I (sometimes) am not choosy when it comes to nail polish brands. I’m more of the color over quality type. Don’t Judge! ;)

6. Cream Blush (Sophie)
7. Oil Control Film ( Clean & Clear)

- For my cheeks, I use Sophie’s Magic Cream Blush. Well, it’s actually a new discovery for me. The funny part is, I discovered it from an office mate who I accidentally borrowed a blush with after forgetting mine at home, just because I’ll be attending an event that day and I couldn’t out of any gut bone go with my pale and haggardous face. Tried it once and I loved how it worked on my skin. Would you believe it’s only 75php? Good Catch! and of course an oil control film, imagine how important it is specially this coming summer! It’s a lady’s must have, make sure you buy the anti-clog ones!

8.Styling Mouse (Nivea)

- This has been my hair’s bestest friend since it got digitally permed last month. My curls are tight and I needed something that will add volume. Having a curly hair needs maintenance and it’s best to choose a mild product. Thank God Nivea has this!

* Insert * Would you want me to blog about how to maintain a digitally permed hair? Let me know! :)

9. Brightening Eye Roll - On (Garnier)
10. Wound Ointment (Polysporin)

- I know very well that this eye roll on is familiar to y’all. Left with nothing much to say but to keep on using it. a must use specially to those working girls like me. Eye Bags, Be Gone!

- I also included a tube of Polysporin. Have you heard about it? It’s actually a wound ointment that has a fast healing formula. This is also a must have for you ladies. don’t underestimate the power and the help of those first aid products, you won’t know when you’ll need it. After all, it’s better to be a girl scout! ;)

11. Peach Lipstick (Etude House)
12. Moisturizinf Lipbalm Stick in Peach (Maybelline)

- I was born lippy, I’ll say that loud and proud! So my advise  for those girls who has thick pouty Angelina Jolie-ish lips is to choose colors that are not too light and not too dark. Currently, I’m obsessed with this pair. Combining them together helped ,e achieve the color that falls between nude and peach. I don’t know what that color is, but I love the effect to bits!

There you have it! Til next month pretties!


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