Thursday, 2 February 2012

Out of the Box

| Rompers worn as top from Forever21, Skort from Forever21, Thrifted Lacy Cardigan, SM Parisians Lace Ups, Froever21 Bag, Rings, Bangles, Cords with feather and Tassled cord all from SM Accessories, Forever21 Loop Earings, Girl Shoppe Turban and Fox Tail fro Fabgelous|

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Bonsoir! I'm back to keep my promise! Remember my post when I mentioned about something I did last weekend?Here's exactly what I said :
"Last weekend, I did something out of the box, something I missed and I haven't done for years now...Thoughts? I'll share what it is on my next post, That's a promise!"
and to unwrap it, here's a photo (tadaaaa)

I went to school! Yeah baby, I'm back to being a student! (How happy do I sound here? hahaha) Currently, I am enrolled at SOFA under a fashion journalism course. FASHION and JOURNALISM two extremely influential words in one course?! Now that's something!

To seg a little way. Truths be told, I was deeply influenced or better to utt encouraged by my blogger sis Marj ( Hi sis! See you on  Saturday!) One aftei I received a BBM from her asking if I am interested to study Fashion Journalism. Just hearing those words together in one sentence is like Lenka's song playing to my ears. Of course I said YES! I just haffta include BUT there because I need to consider my summer schedule and need to weigh things out considering my five days a week job. So when she told me it's a weekend class, I told myself "This must be the fashion gods giving me an invitation to Olympus" (loling)

But seriously the question I had fro myself was not "why will I take the course?" but more of "why not?" I mean its not like everyday that I'll get the chance to have Ms. Lacar Perlas (Mega Magazine's Managing Editor) as my instructor and besides SOFA is the first to offer this kind'f course. There was really zero reason to miss this opportunity. I've studied styling courses before but this one, I consider, the prime! :)

Just to share with you guys, our task for this term is to come up with our own Magazine. Ms. Lacar divided the class into two and guess what just gotten into my list of roles to play? I was tasked to take the Fashion Editorial Part. Crossing my fingers and toes as early as now and praying to all the fashion gods out there to grant me more powers! (may the force be with me haha) Wish me luck guys! ;)

Any how, here I go again, word vomiting and boring you guys with another nobela post. I'm sorry, I can't help but make chika! haha! time check! It's 8:30 pm and my Hangry ( Hungry and Angry) Tummy is growling like a tiger, will grab something to eat for dinner! So bye for now! Let's eat!
Happy Dinner! Toodles!


Before I forgot the outfit. That's what I wore during our class orientation. I reunited with print on print. Made a trick by using my romper as a top! How was it? Oh..and thanks to Gelo for my fab foxtail. Got it from his booth last BU! Thanks Girl! Much Love! XX


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