Monday, 6 February 2012

Think Nail It!

Hi everyone! I know it has been a sad Monday for all of us, considering what happened to Visayas. I am watching the news right now as I type on a post on this blog. Heard Mandaue and Negros Occidental are mostly affected, there were some casualties and fourty people are still missing, most of them…children :( My heart goes out to all the victims and the families that has been greatly affected by that “unexpected quake” We should all pray the hardest! Tonight, let’s pray not only for our family but for others and for our country who intensely need our prayers!


Anyhow, I hope this little post can somehow divert your attention. That said, I am posting about an afternoon of pampering that I had at Nail It Salon. I was given an invite to try out their services, it was actually my first time there and I will definitely go back for more… I was satisfied like that! ;)

I had their first package that includes a traditional Mani&Pedi with Polish and Nail It traditional foot spa :)

I brought with me my pumper buddy. Zen Tea’s Milk Tea!

They have varieties of polishes that you can also try on before having your nails done. I like how they’re staffs are really kind and suggestive about the polishes.

 I settled on this pair of Orly’s Blue Ocean Breeze of my finger nails and Nude for my toe nails. Good choice? 

 Here’s my fave part. I call it “feet oven” but the ate’s there call it “polish dryer” lol!

Of course I made sure their tools were sterilized before they use it on me, well in this salon, I did not need to remind that.

Another favorite part. Their Orly's they have tons of it unlike any other well known salons. They also have the latest ones and no additional rate for that! 
Rip Off!

              You can choose from the packages they offer on a reasonable price!

They also give out privilege cards to their valued customers, coolio!

 Thank you Nail It!
Til our next pampering sesh!

Used my iphone to take theses photos as a result of  being a lazy butt-er to bring an SLR. Not that bad right? ;)



  1. i tried nail it before and i love their service! :)

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for visiting Nail It!. May I know which branch you went to? If possible, please include our details. Hoping to see you soon.

    Thanks. :)

    -Jariss Manlapas

    1. Hi Jariss! I visited two branches, one in Bicutan and one in Oritgas! Hope to see you soon too! :)