Friday, 22 June 2012

Hat Shots

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The heat is undeniably unstoppable today (I mean both the weather and the NBA team! I'm an OKC fan by the way! Pfft! Haha) and all of a sudden it felt like it's summer in the Philippines again! (Yes, perks of living in a tropical country). In a 32°C city it's hard to imagine wearing a clothing piece that is not well-ventilated and literally cooling. Same goes with choosing an accessory, we have to make sure that what we're wearing is climate or at least weather-of-the-day appropriate from head to toe.

So being the dressing up addict that I am, I used that rule to grab a hat from my closet and tried to appear feminine as soon as possible (I scored a perfect excuse right there! Haha). I love that it's straw because it, one, served  as my hair/head's primary UV shield and two, it's instantly wearable, not only with its breathability, but with the easygoing, loungy attitude it exudes.

 and since I'm talking about hats allow me to vomit (sorry for the term) some words about it, for I am talkative and I cant' help but share my thoughts with you right now (I missed blogging this much it's obvious. Haha!) I'd like to share some personal Do's and Dont's tips in wearing hats. Here it goes,

*choose a hat that fits your head well. Not too small. Not too big.
*make sure that the shape of the hat suits the shape of your face.
*use hats to accentuate your whole outfit
*wear a cool hat, with a cool dress. 
*try different kinds of hat, try exaggerated shapes and be experimental
*go with your instinct, if you think the hat looks good on you, wear it. Flaunt it!

*wear a matchy-matchy hat with your outfit. Like a leather hat with a leather jacket.
*wear a baseball hat or a tucker with a girly sun dress. Just because they don't go well together. (in my opinion)
*wear those animal fur slash ears hat. It's not that fashionable. 
*wear straw hats when it's raining or it's going to be a bad case of season mix!
*use a hat to save a bad outfit. Just don't. (I'm telling you, it's a major offense to do so!)

There, hope that little sharing helps! ;)

What do you think about this look? 




  1. I love the dress and your shoes :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ms.Kookie! I always get giddy everytime I receive a comment from you! xo

  3. First of all thank u so much for stopping by my blog,commenting and following... M following you too now!!!

    You look lovely in the hat and the do's and don'ts will really help me as i'm looking for a perfect hat for the season!!!


  4. hello dear thank you for sweet comment me love your dres also the hat, you such a pretty girl. wanna do follow/link just feel to hear back from you.

    1. Hi Anita, ofcourse I would love to follow your blog, I actually followed you already! Thanks pretty! <3

  5. Love your dress, and your sandals! Look amazing as always =) Love the tips about wearing a hat, I have problems wearing hats because of my hair!
    - Che

    1. Hi Che! your hair's fine you can wear any hat you want and look all pretty as you always are! <3